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About The Inside Tract®

Dean C. Rathbun, Sr. The Inside Tract® specializes in Real Estate information for the California housing market.

Dean Rathbun formed The Inside Tract® in 1982 to locate and identify housing tracts for Real Estate Agents, Appraisers, Lenders and other professionals.  For the first fifteen years the information was made available in book form.  It took 24 volumes to cover the Southern half of Orange County.  Now, all information is available on our website.

Today, real estate professionals can quickly identify thousands of tracts by city and district or areas within the city.  Next we identify each model or plan within the tract.

Then we include all of the physical characteristics such as number of bedrooms, baths, family room, number of garages, etc.

To help keep this information straight a unique 2, 3 or 4 letter code is assigned each tract.  This code is called the "Builders Tract" code or (B/T).  After the B/T was assigned, we next assign a unique code for each plan in the project.  This code is called the "Model Code" or (MC).  Real Estate Agents and Appraisers then use these codes as the basis for searching the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) computer system.

On the search page you will find listed by city, the Builders Tract codes (B/T) for each development that we have identified.  The lists grow by the month so make a note to come back often.

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